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I am Anishka Sharma, currently pursuing Masters in Science. I love to travel and eat. I have immense passion for blogging and photography related to food as well as travelling. I recently came to know about The Mumbai Diaries and absolutely loved the concept. I just knew I had to be a part of this amazing venture and contribute my bit to help foodies and travel enthusiasts find some amazing places to satisfy their tastebuds as well as wanderlust. One fine day I was just browsing through my phone’s gallery and I realized I have clicked tonnes of food and travel related pictures. I thought to myself, why not share my experiences with others as well. I talked to my friends regarding the same and they really encouraged me to go forward with it. I started my instagram page @dragonexplorerz back in 2018, sharing my love for cooking, travelling, photography and eating. I love hanging out with my friends and we are always on a lookout for amazing places to dine in. 

It’s an amazing feeling to have people follow your recipes or recommendations and fall in love with them. As much as I love food, it is my favourite subject to photograph. The overwhelming response from the audience keeps my passion for blogging alive.

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