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Mumbai is a city full of food, beaches, a mixture of calm plus chaos. It’s the city, where dreams come true.

We, at The Mumbai Diaries, are putting an effort to bring out the talents of our fellow Mumbaikars, out to the world, where they share things about Mumbai.

There are food blogs, restaurant reviews, photographs, experiences, all centered to Mumbai. It is specially put together for people who live in Mumbai, are new to Mumbai, or are planning to move to Mumbai.

This is also an insightful guide into the lives of a Mumbaikar, for people who think that life in Mumbai is all about running around and catching the next train back home.

The Mumbai Diaries is an effort to showcase the talented people of Mumbai, the things they have to say, the things they learned, and the things they wish they knew about before moving.

The Mumbai Diaries is a cumulation of love, laughter, peace, and happiness. We’re happy to have you on board with us for this amazing journey!

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We at The Mumbai Diaries put our best foot forward, for you to have a firsthand experience of what Mumbai is like and to help you achieve the best time of your life in Mumbai!

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We Are Always Looking For New Partners

We, at The Mumbai Diaries, try to keep the content unique and diverse, hence we keep involving different members for every edition, to help grow our community and help our readers get the best content


If you are creative and imaginative, have an eye for details, have a unique perspective, know how to seize the opportunity, this one is the right fit for you!

Food Bloggers

If you are a foodie, like to go in-depth about the food you eat, have an eye for the intricate details, and have been to a lot of restaurants in Mumbai, this post is the right option for you!

Content Writers

Want to share how you feel about Mumbai with your own words and make sure that you are heard? Had some unique experience in Mumbai which you’d like to share? Then, this is the right choice for you!

Graphic Designers

If you are creative, consistent, open to new ideas, and have worked on Illustrator and Photoshop, don’t let go of this opportunity!

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