Mumbai, the city of dreams, means differently to each and every person and it hits everyone differently. We at Mumbai Diaries are here to celebrate various aspects of Mumbai, both in words and pictures alike. Authors share their feelings, experiences, their favorite hangout places, favorite restaurants, and all the things you need to know about this beautiful city.


Reaching people from every city, to make people understand what Mumbai is, it's food culture, and why is it a city where dreams come true.

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Mumbai means differently to each person, and we are here to put it all together for you. If you're a Mumbaikar, you'll relate to the things we have for you. If you're new to this city, this will help you feel at home. If you're from anywhere else, it'll help you understand why Mumbai has a different place in all our hearts.

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People from all over the city have clicked pictures of their favourite things and places in Mumbai and have made sure to portray Mumbai the way it is.

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We all know Mumbai is famous for it’s food. Foodies have made sure to list down the places they enjoy and their favourite foods of all time just to make sure that you’re not missing out on anything.

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Personal Article

Mumbai has been a home away from home for a lot of people, and people have found peace within the chaos it offers. Our writers share their experiences in Mumbai and their emotions related to the same.

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