Smriti Jain

Co-lead - Graphic Designer

Hello, I am Smriti Jain .

I am an ambivert who likes to live in the moment. Being part of the present, and being able to connect with people is something that I cherish.

Working on innovative projects and ideas is what I thrive on.

As much as I like learning new skills, editing remains one of my favorite skills.

I think of myself as someone carefree yet grounded when things of importance are at a stand. I am diligent and focused, & I believe finishing a product and seeing a customer content is an absolute feat to achieve as a creator.

 I am humbled  whenever I am an accessory of help to someone

The fact that humans can be so creative never ceases to amaze me, more so I treat such occasions as an opportunity to better myself in any way possible.

I enjoy listening to music and I  appreciate interesting food

Like any unknown place poses challenges so does an idea, but I find myself exploring them regardless.

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